PIP2 and PIP3



• available with UK unfused GPO sockets

• optional TUF-R (25W) or TUF-R HP (72W) USB charging 

• wireless charger option coming soon

• install flush or at an 8° ergonomic angle to enhance access

Product Highlights

Product Description

PIP2 and PIP3 offer a minimalist, low-profile power solution for the commercial workspace.  Quick to install PIP2 and PIP3 provide two or three sockets, which can be specified with ac sockets and OE’s choice of mobile (25W) or laptop and mobile (65W) charging modules.

Install flush or at an ergonomically designed 8° degree angle to enhance end user access. 

TUF-R can be upgraded or replaced by anyone using a simple OE tool

TUF-R is quick and simple to replace without the need for an electrician or turning off the power. The unique and patented benefit of being replaceable makes TUF-R perfect for areas of high traffic, such as airports, schools, and hospitality, where if damaged through misuse, TUF-R can simply be quickly replaced.

Reversible Type A Port for a first time connection, every time

Unique to OE Elsafe is the reversible Type A-Port which will ensure a single attempt connection every time. USB charging cord connectors can now be inserted both ways, cutting down on wear or damage from incorrect attempts, maximising the working life of the power module.

Technology never stands still, so being replaceable also allows TUF-R to be upgraded in the future to keep pace with the latest USB charging technology.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • cable options:
    PIP2 and PIP3 may be hardwired to:
    • mains AC plug 
    • Male Wieland GST18 connector for “soft wiring” e.g. connection to an under-desk power modules or direct to a floor socket via a starter cable
    • OE J Coupler for connecting two or more PIP2 or PIP3 units to a single mains supply socket
  • materials:
    •Body and grommet: Fire retardant PC/ABS
    • securing nut – nylon 6


all your questions answered


What can be specified in PIP 2 and PIP 3 apertures?


Choose a combination of AC power, canister USB modules from the TUF range, and wireless charging (coming soon)


What is the difference between inclined frame and inlayed frame?


The inclined / bevelled frame matches the finish of the body of the PANDORA and sits 1.7mm above the surface.

PANDORA inlay frame available with black housing only is specified with a stainless steel or bespoke finish bezel and sits 3mm above the surface.

See datasheet for full details.  

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