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Creating the best power solution for your space can mean using a range of cabling options. OE stock a wide range of GST Wieland connectors, starter leads, interconnecting cables & accessories to allow for the plug-and-play interconnection of OE units. We also supply global cabling solutions to suit international businesses.

Starter cables

Starter leads are available in many lengths and either black or white as standard. Starter leads can be a supplied with almost any nationality plug.

Interconnector cables

Wieland interconnector cables allow OE’s units to be connected together and fed via one starter cord. Various standard lengths are available and custom lengths are available upon request – please refer to BS6396 for regulations on use of multiple units.


Wieland GST connectors

Our wieland connectors are 16A as standard, we can also supply 20A connectors are available on request

male GST18i3 Connector

female GST18i3 Connector

1-1 adaptor block 

adaptor block

1-3 adaptor block

1-5 adaptor block

Adaptor blocks

OE adaptor blocks include one input and 1 to 5 outputs depending on your requirements.

Locking clip

A locking clip is provided as standard with each cord/cable to securely lock male and female connectors together. This helps ensure there is never a loose connection and requires the use of a screwdriver to disconnect. 


J-coupler, which is GST only, can be used as an alternative to the GST ‘T’ connector and the GST 1-3 adaptor block. As an example of use the top power out could be wired directly to a desktop unit essentially allowing and ‘in&out’ connector.


GST08 male to female leads are required to interconnect our ANIMATE system DC power products such as the TUF-HP USB charger, QIKFIT 30 PSU and QIKPAC battery pack. Run multiple devices using the GST08 SPLITTER BLOCK. Connect OE wireless chargers to the system with GST08 CONVERTOR CABLE. 

They are available in 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths.



GST08 cable