What is a maximum cable length in a 24V installation?

All long cables suffer voltage drop due to the resistance of the wires within, where the resistance increases as the wires get thinner. When deploying ANIMATE, using the ANIMATE PSU (Power Supply) and TUF-HP (with GST08 0.75mm2 cables) we suggest that the maximum combined cable length, from PSU (Power Supply) to TUF is 3 metres. The ANIMATE system has been developed in such a way as to avoid long 24V cables. The compact size of the PSUs allows them to be deployed locally to each TUF, thereby minimising the 24V cable length and maximising the efficiency of electrical transmission using the higher voltage GST18 cables (ie: the cables between the PSUs). However, if a 24V distribution system is being designed with alternative cables (such as GST15 with 1.5mm2 cabling) then longer runs can be achieved – please speak to us if you are considering an alternative connection system.

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